Black thyme tea

A gift against the cough

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Black thyme tea 90gr.

(Zahter Çayı)



  • Black thyme tea is popular not only for its pleasant taste and aroma, but also for its many respiratory benefits.
  • There are several reasons why Black Thyme Tea is a great choice for people suffering from cough or breathing problems.
  • First, this tea can help open the airways and facilitate breathing.
  • Second, it can also help relieve coughs, especially persistent or dry coughs.
  • Third, black thyme tea can also help loosen and remove mucus from the bronchial tubes.
  • Finally, it can also serve as a natural means of supporting the immune system.

How is it used?

Put a teaspoon of thyme herb in the tea strainer and pour the hot water. Let it steep for a while. Then you can drink it, sweetening it with lemon and honey.

Why will you love this product?

Zahter, which is also a tea, is not only used as a spice in meals, but also has many benefits. In combination with products such as salt, sesame and marjoram, thyme can be used as a breakfast sauce.

Zahter - Black thyme