Gilaburu extract 250 mL

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Gilaburu extract 250mL

(Gilaburu Ekstresi / Viburnum opulus / Guelder Rose)


It is a plant from the honeysuckle family native to Europe, North Africa and Central Asia with oval leaves and red berries that grow up to 4 m long. It grows in the humid regions of central and northern Anatolia, and in Turkey it is mainly cultivated in the province of Kayseri.


The gilaburu plant has a high content of vitamins C and E, anthocyanins, carotene, flavanoids and phenolic compounds. When the gilaburu fruit ripens in the fall, it tastes bitter in the mouth.


For this reason, the part of the fruit that ends up on the table as food in various forms is processed.

What are the health benefits of gilaburu extract?


Gilaburu berries are traditionally used to support stomach health and can help with indigestion, heartburn and stomach pain.


Gilaburu juice also contains flavonoids and antioxidants, so-called natural phytochemicals, which can have a positive effect on health.


The flavonoids in gilaburu juice have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body.


The juice also contains polyphenols, which neutralize free radicals in the body and can thus prevent cell damage.


Polyphenols can also contribute to a healthy immune system and improve brain function.


Benefits for kidney and digestive health

    Drinking gilaburu nectar can also be helpful in preventing the formation of kidney stones, relieving digestive problems, easing menstrual cramps and soothing cold symptoms. This juice is proof that nature is the key to our well-being.

    Pure and natural ingredients

    Every bottle of Gilaburu juice is a commitment to purity. It contains the true essence of the gilaburu fruit, enriched with important organic acids such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and malic acid as well as the dominant phenolic compound chlorogenic acid. This composition not only contributes to the health benefits, but also to the refreshing taste.


    How do you enjoy Gilaburu juice?

    For optimal health benefits, we recommend taking one teaspoon of gilaburu juice twice daily after meals. As part of a balanced diet, our organic gilaburu juice can significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle and revitalize your body with every sip.


    Why choose Gilaburu juice?

    When you choose Gilaburu juice, you are choosing a life full of tradition, taste and health benefits.


    Its unique composition and scientifically proven health benefits make it an essential addition to the diet of anyone who wants to nourish and care for their body in a natural way.


    Please consult your doctor before using Gilaburu Juice, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication. This product is intended as a dietary supplement and should not replace medical treatment.


    Feel the power of nature with every sip of Gilaburu juice. Let this natural elixir be your path to vitality and well-being by bringing the traditional remedies of Turkey to your home.


    With Gilaburu juice, you are not just drinking a juice; you are nourishing your body with the essence of health and nature.


    Experience the difference with Gilaburu Juice - where tradition meets science to achieve a healthier life.