Rose water 100 mL

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Rose water 100 ml

(Gül Suyu Cam Sprey)

Immerse yourself in the world of natural beauty with Arifoğlu rose water

Discover the refreshing purity and luxurious fragrance of Arifoğlu Rose Water, carefully bottled in a 100ml glass spray bottle that is not only practical but also a symbol of sustainability and elegance. Our rose water, extracted from the most delicate and fragrant rose petals, is your key to balanced and radiant skin.

A natural elixir for your skin care:

  • Balancing & Oil Reducing:Ideal for restoring your skin's natural pH balance, it gently removes excess oil to prevent blemishes and oily shine.

  • Acne-fighting:With its natural properties, it helps reduce acne and spots, promotes an even skin tone and gives your skin a healthy appearance.

  • Hydrating:The moisturizing power of rose water soothes and refreshes your skin, ideal for daily use and to provide your skin with the moisture it needs.

Application that enchants:

As a facial tonic, it enhances any skincare routine. Simply apply to a cotton pad and gently sweep over a cleansed, dry face. The light and refreshing formula is quickly absorbed and leaves a hint of roses to invigorate your senses.

Fall in love with nature:

Arifoğlu Rose Water is more than just a skincare product; it is a tribute to the purity and beauty of nature. With each application, you invite the scent of a rose field into your home, an experience that both soothes and revitalizes.

Why Arifoğlu rose water will be your new skincare favorite:

In addition to the careful selection and processing of the roses, we attach great importance to the quality and sustainability of our packaging. The elegant glass spray bottle not only protects the valuable ingredients, but also underlines our commitment to the environment and your health.

Bring your skin to life with the gentle power of Arifoğlu rose water. Discover how this natural elixir enriches your daily skincare routine and helps you achieve a radiant, balanced complexion.

Contents: rose water in a glass bubbly bottle.